What are Squirrel® fixings ?

A Squirrel® fixing is a threaded insert that allows a variety of items including legs, hinges, framework, hanging rails and undermount sinks to be fixed securely to the surface without over stressing the material.

How are they made ?

Squirrel® fixings have two components a stainless steel threaded insert and a solid material outer. They are both machined from solid stock using CNC machinery.

What sizes are available ?

Currently we produce M3, M4, M6 & M8.

How much are they ?

They are priced as a single Squirrel® Fixings which consists of one insert and one outer, please see our products for quantity breaks.

How can I order the Squirrel® fixings?

Please go to our online shop and purchase your number of items. All prices shown are + VAT.

Are they available from Stock ?

Yes, in white, if you would like another colour please allow a minimum of 10 days for production of special orders.

Is the Squirrel fixing visible through white material?

No, not if they are installed correctly to a depth of 8mm. The Squirrel® may however be visible through some of the more translucent colours.

Can I have any colour to match my solid surface material?

Yes – the minimum order quantity for specials is 50.

Do you have distrbutors in the other countries?

McD handle distribution of the Squirrel® fixing worldwide , please go to our enquiry page to submit your question or requirements.

What tests have been carried out

The M8 Squirrel® fixing was tested by FIRA International Ltd for withdrawal strength test in March 2004 – full details upon request – FIRA’s comments were: ‘Withdrawal strength values were high at 4500 N (approximately 450kgf or 1000lbsf) and hence the Squirrel® inserts should generally provide a sound anchorage point’.

The new 14mm diameter M4 & M6 Squirrel® Fixings have been tested by Exova Ltd. to a maximum load of 330kg perpendicular to the surface. Full details available on request.

Do I need a CNC machine to fit Squirrel® fixings

No a CNC is not necessary, the holes for the Squirrel® s can be made with a hand held router. You can order a Squirrel® jig for positioning of the Squirrel® Fixings for doors etc. The other side of the same jig can be used to cut holes into the side of a unit to take cabinet hinge plates supplied with the Squirrel® hinge system.

I understand that doors can be made from 12mm material using the Squirrel fixing, what hinge do I use?

The Universal Squirrel Hinge System is available in both Soft Close and Push to Open options.

Wall cladding - how far apart should I put the Squirrel® fixings?

In theory one Squirrel® will hold up an entire sheet of material but we would recommend you place the fixing no more than 600mm apart to contain any flex in a sheet.

Which adhesive should I use ?

Corian® adhesive was used for all testing purposes, although 2 part Epoxy resin can also be used.

Can you use the Squirrel® hinge for in frame or overlay doors ?

Yes no problem !

How do I work out how many Squirrel® hinges I need for different size solid surface doors?

Solid Surface 12mm sheet material is 24 kilos per square metre,
Guide of door weight / hinges required:

4 – 6 kgs – 2 Squirrel® fixing hinges
7 – 12kgs – 3 Squirrel® fixing hinges
13 – 17 kgs – 4 Squirrel® fixing hinges
18 – 22 kgs – 5 Squirrel® fixing hinges