The award winning Trifollium pavillion was designed by Rob Beson of AR-MA as an entry for the annual Fugitive Structures architecture competition.  The winning design was fabricated in Australia by FCI.  Structural analysis by ARUP.

Squirrel Fixings® were installed into the 19mm thick Corian® sheets allowing them to be mechanically bolted together with the use of a specially designed bracket system.  This enabled the double curvature Corian® panels to be used as a structural form without the need for a separate support structure.

The project demonstrates the strength of the Squirrel Fixings® and how components can be digitally pre-fabricated for assembly on-site.

“Rather than bring a whole bunch of sticks and sheets to site that you then chop up and make into a building, everything is designed to efficiently use materials and resources off-site to be produced to a higher standard and then brought to site and put together,” said Beson.

NEW – The new smaller format M6 Squirrel Fixings® are 14mm diameter.