This sculptural art installation designed by The Agency of Design for Liberty Speciality Markets is machined from a series of solid 19mm thick Corian® panels.  Each of the 6,000 CNC machined facets can be individually addressed by a computer controlled projection system allowing for full colour graphic representation of complex world-wide events streamed live via the internet.

The precision required for the projected graphics to align correctly with the facets on the sculpture demanded a fixing method that could support the weight of the panels.  At a combined weight of over 500kg each panel had 5no. Z-rails running horizontally secured with M6 Squirrel® Fixings.  This allowed the panels to be hung on the wall and aligned correctly.

M6 Squirrel® Fixings embedded into the back of a sheet of Corian® allow either metal Z-Rails or wooden split battens to be attached.  Potentially a single M6 Squirrel® Fixing could support the weight of 5no. full sheets of 12mm Corian® (not that we are recommending it)!  A spacing of between 400mm and 600mm gives plenty of support and keeps the panels flat.

The use of Z-rails allows for thermal movement when installing larger panels. Or the panels can be separated, allowing adhesive to be applied when seamlessly jointing on site.