Squirrel® Fixings have been developed to allow fabricators to make a mechanical screw fixing into a 12mm sheet of solid surface material.

The ability to make a secure mechanical fixing in this way opens up many new applications to designers and fabricators.

Historically solid surface table tops would have been fabricated with an MDF sub-frame and down-stand. This allows for a pedestal leg to be fixed to the MDF. By using Squirrel® Fixings in a 12mm thick top, the labour costs when making a table top can be reduced by up to 50%. This makes for a cost effective solution for high wear areas such as cafes and restaurants.

When using 12mm thick solid surface material the top can be any shape, adding little to the fabrication costs.

Fitting Instructions

  • When using a CNC router, cut the 12mm sheet of material face-down.
  • Machine the required number of pockets to accept the pedestal leg fixing screws at the same time.
  • Use M6 Squirrel® Fixings as these generally make attaching the leg easier.
  • When fitted, the Squirrel® Fixings method will be stronger than if the leg was attached to a MDF sub-frame.
  • Make sure that the pedestal leg is suitable for the size of table top. The weight of the top needs to be taken into consideration.
  • Unlike wood-screws into a MDF sub-frame, the machine screws used to fix the leg when using Squirrel® Fixings can be removed and replaced many times without damage.
Corian cafe table fixings