Corian cabinet door fixings

Squirrel® Fixing Order Code: SQF-BLU-FULL

Squirrel® Fixings have been developed to allow fabricators to make a mechanical screw fixing into a 12mm sheet of solid surface material.

The ability to make a secure mechanical fixing in this way opens up many new applications to designers and fabricators.

With the aid of the Squirrel® Hinge System, fabricators can easily take a 12mm sheet of solid material and make cabinet doors. The system utilises a modified Blum Cristallo hinge.

See instructions below.

Download Hinge Planning Document

Fitting Instructions

  • Fit 2no. M4 Squirrel® Fixings into the back of the door using layouts provided.  Available in Downloads.
  • Place the modified adhesion plate over the Squirrel® Fixings.
  • Insert the screw into the hole nearest the edge of the door and loosely tighten.   Ensure that the screw is not cross-threaded.
  • Using the washer insert the second screw into the larger hole and loosely tighten.  Again ensure that the screw is not cross-threaded.
  • Tighten both screws.
  • Clip the hinge onto the adhesion plate.
  • To remove the hinge pull back the lever at the tip of the hinge.


2no. M4 Squirrel® Fixings
1no. Washer
2no. M4 Screws
1no. Modified Blum Cristallo Adhesion Plate.
1no. Blum Cristallo Hinge (Sprung or Un-sprung)
1no. Cabinet Fixing Plate


  • Available Sprung or Un-sprung.
  • Soft Close available. (SQF-BLU-SC)
  • Only suitable for 12mm thick doors.
  • Max overlay:  16.5mm
  • Can be used for half overlay.
  • Can be used for In-Frame doors.
  • Suitable for push to open.
  • See FAQ’s for further information.