Squirrel® Fixings have created new markets and solved many design problems.

For Kevin Hoy our director and founder, inspiration was driven by necessity when he invented the Squirrel® Fixings. The well-established innovator and director of Cutting Edge was faced by the problem many have – how do I make a strong mechanical fixing into a solid surface. In late 2003 there were no reliable options. Tested to the ‘nth’ degree and after a series of prototypes his solution was borne in 2004. Patented world-wide and taken to market soon after, hundreds of thousands of people have benefited indirectly from the Squirrel® Fixings. His innovative design has been used throughout the world in projects including the award winning ‘Trifollium’ in Sydney, Australia, where the Squirrel® Fixing was a vital element allowing complex surfaces to be bolted together.

Over 1 million Squirrel® units have been sold for use in the built environment.

Vision and mission

At Squirrel® Fixings we are constantly looking to provide architects, designers and fabricators with practical and cost effective solutions. We have reduced the cost of solid-surface café table tops by up to 50%, opening up a massive market for high traffic areas such as restaurants and museums ‘V&A Museum’. Our mission is to continue in this vein, equally giving benefit to the designers, fabricators and most importantly the end-user. Having access to the highest quality of materials at an affordable price.


Our Squirrel® Fixings are made from 100% recycled material. This process not only produces an efficient design solution that is better for the built environment, but it currently stops up to 2 tonnes of offcuts from going to waste and landfill. Good news for fabricators supplying offcuts for the manufacture of Squirrel® Fixings, as the financial cost to otherwise dispose of 2 tonnes of wastage is considerable.